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Michelle Collier

Writer, illustrator & printmaker

I'm a creative writer and self-taught printmaker based in my home studio in Manchester, UK. 

Whether it's with a pen or a blade, I love working with my hands, and much of my practice involves hand-drawn illustration, relief printmaking and hand-cut paper art.

With a lifelong love of storytelling, both my writing and visual work tends towards the mythical and mystical. The tall tales we tell in the dark... the stories we spin to soothe ourselves... the strange folklore that endures through the ages... all of these things find their way into my work. 

Much of the work you'll find on my site focuses on the print side of my practice. But I also work in digital storytelling and scriptwriting. I'm especially interested in immersive stories, interactive fiction and narrative-led game experiences.

✋Hands at work 🤚for today’s #marchmeett

Photo by Ed Power

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To say hello or to chat about projects and commissions, email: 

Selected events & exhibitions


Commissioned Artist, GM Covid Commissions


Exhibiting Artist, Manchester Print Fair

Manchester Cathedral

Storytellers United Hackjam (winning team)

Part of Digital Cities, Manchester

Exhibiting Artist, Spooky Print Fair

Stockport Hat Museum

Exhibiting Artist, Etsy Made Local

The People's History Museum, Manchester


Manchester Print Fair x Design Manchester Festival

The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

Exhibiting Artist, Let’s Paint the Town Red

Plant NOMA, Manchester

Exhibiting Artist, Manchester Print Fair


Exhibiting Artist, Manchester Print Fair x Design Manchester

Campfield Market Hall, Manchester


NQXmas (street art installation)

OutHouse Substation, Manchester

24 Days of Lever St (window installation)

Northern Quarter, Manchester

Irene (2015) 

Michelle Collier

Screened & selected

Blind Date/Matchmaker (2016)

Written by:

Eleanor Marechal

Directed by:



London Short Film Festival

Underwire Festival

London Golden Scout IFF

Indie Hype


Exhibiting Artist, The Manchester Open

HOME, Manchester

Selected Writer, Immersive GameLab

StoryFutures, the UK's National Centre for Immersive Storytelling

Best Experimental Short, London Short Film Festival


Artist / Writer in Residence

The Festival of Libraries, Manchester City of Literature

Manchester Cathedral

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