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  • Michelle

Are you superstitious? (Asking for a friend)

Updated: Mar 19

Continuing the theme of found poetry, here's a concoction pulled from the fever dream of my Facebook posts over the last few years...

Are you superstitious? (Asking for a friend)

Last night I dreamt I had to drown my cat

He flew me up into the sky like Superman

No pasaran!

Another blast from the past

My brain is whirring

It’s bizarre, and quite frightening

I’m not sure there’s a word for it

Remember this?

My last outing of the year

They welcomed me in and gave me a tour

(David Lynch’s work has hung on those walls!

Absorb his wholesome wonder for the world

Steel fork, mudguard mounts)

I died

Nervous and excited in equal measure

I’m hoping to pull some threads together

Bob, crumpets and lard

These are a tiny handful

We must all do more

Join us?

(And please keep a look out for Bettie!)

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