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  • Michelle


Updated: Mar 19

Since there hasn't been much chance for going out this year, here's a poem I found nestled among the materials in my home studio... Each line is a fragment from a label, sticker or instructions booklet of some supply or other, assembled into a reflection on relationships, domesticity and turbulence.


Two surfaces joined at an apex

stretch, relax

allow bond to set –

a five-year guarantee

Paint on walls,

make them glow bright,

their white pearl permanence

may cause dizziness

But fragile peaks tend to break,

the artist’s choice

a choking hazard;

the ancient art of floating

Your razor edge always ready,

turn it clockwise

make your mark,

each design unique as a fingerprint

Then move to fresh air

away from sunlight,

water-based relief

a starter set for binding and repairing.

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