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  • Michelle


What's this? More weird unnecessary poetry made in collaboration with AI? Sure, why not? I was feeling a bit stuck with a story I'm actually writing (yes, all by myself!) and thought I'd play around a bit to jostle the brain juice.

As ever, I fed in a bunch of my own ramblings, received some (pages and pages of) welcome oddities from the text generator, then selected bits I liked, cut and paste, re-ordered things, and changed more than a few words to co-parent this strange tale into the world. Let's call it a poem about a toad girl.

The girl was now a toad

Eggs fat with moisture popped in her mouth

thickened her tongue with fetid tadpoles

She drank deep from the flow

Pulled the river into her maw

Cushioned the dead with mould and algae

The toad was a big toad

Her brain too large

Her head as big as a sweet potato

Her cheeks a violet blush

where the current had battered her

I came closer

Saw the terrible green inside of her

the rotten warted pupils

I pulled the trigger.


Text generator: InferKit

Text to image generator: AttnGAN, RunwayML

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