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  • Michelle Collier

Upcoming events for MYCOMYTHOPOEIA

Updated: Oct 31

A photograph of king blue oyster mushrooms growing from a book. They are at pinhead stage, with white stalks and grey-blue caps. They look sculptural and alien. You can also see the bright white mycelium coating the pages of the books.

My MYCOMYTHOPOEIA residency with George Street Community Bookshop is now in full swing, and I have a handful of free events for you to take part in.

Come explore the bookshop through the lens of mushrooms and mycorrhizal networks, and let's create some fruiting bodies together 🍄🍄🍄

If you live in Glossop (or if you don't, come visit!), here's what you can take part in:

The Mushroom Spotters Map

Drop by the bookshop anytime in Oct/Nov to add to a mushroom spotters map – a collective impression of Glossop’s mushrooms and ancient mycelial networks.

March of the Mycelium: A Wander Walk – Sat 4th Nov

Join me on a creative stroll around Glossop, inspired by ancient mycelial pathways! The route is based on the mushroom spotters map, and (weather permitting) we'll do a little sketching, photography and writing as we go.

Click here to book a place on the wander walk.

Mushroom Growing in the Bookshop – Sat 4th & Sun 5th Nov

Come do a little mushroom-sowing with me on Bonfire weekend! I'll be demo-ing my bookshroom WIPs and walking you through how to create your own. Books and mushroom growing supplies will be provided.

Click here to book your place on a mushroom growing session.

Nature-inspired printmaking sessions – Sat 11th Nov

Try your hand at cyanotype printmaking in the bookshop. This technique is almost 200 years old and was once used as a way to document natural specimens.

Click here to book your place on a printmaking session.

Creative writing workshops – Sat 18th Nov

Flex your mycelial mind in an experimental creative writing workshop. Reach your mental 'hyphae' out into the bookshop to find inspiration 'nutrients' for new pieces of work.

Click here to book a place on a creative writing workshop.

I'm also in the process of arranging a very special 'in conversation' towards the end of November. Taking place at the bookshop, it'll be me and a panel of local people whose practice crosses over with nature. Watch this space!

For more info about my residency and the themes I'm exploring, check out my previous blog post here.

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